Sing a ditty while you work! Time to brush your teeth.

You can use your child’s daily routines as an effective tool to stimulate their vocabulary growth. As you carry out your routines daily, your child will hear the words again and again which will help them to understand, store and use the words.

Music, songs and rhymes stimulate the receptors in the brain and helps the listener to focus on the incoming information.  The rhythm and beat within songs and rhymes helps the listener to follow, focus and learn the words. By singing little ditties during routine activities it will help to dampen any anxiety as your child will begin to understand the expectation of the activity i.e. ‘I hear that tune and that happens. It also helps them to learn and remember words as they can assign the words that you use to the actions that they see.

Singing during routine activities is not just good for language, it also is hugely helpful in assisting your child to transition to the next activity.  My pal Jenn has several songs pre programmed into her home music system; the family have a put your shoes on song, a bedtime song, a leaving the house song etc.  It cuts down the amount of things that Jenn has to think about and the children know what is expected from them.  Jenn finds transition with a song a lot easier than transitions to the next activity without a song.

Here’s a great blog on the power of using songs to help with transitions.

So let’s have a little ditty for you to sing to help your child transition to brushing their teeth.  They’ll hear you sing the little ditty, see the toothpaste and brush and then begin to understand the expectation.

For this little ditty link the words below to the tune for ‘dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones (Use YouTube to look up this repetitive tune)

“Let’s brush, let’s brush those little teeth

let’s brush, let’s brush those little teeth

let’s brush, let’s brush those little teeth

let’s brush the decay away!”


Enjoy x